Vocal Compositions and Arrangements

Argent’s Lullabye

I was asked to write music to the poem Argent’s Lullabye by Margot of Middlegate (Sara Whisnant).  It’s a wonderful murder ballad. This was a fun project in matching the scansion of the poem and getting the tune to be easy to sing.

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Campden Market

A story of love in how a simple journey changes a man’s life.


Chivalry and Honor

One of the duties of a bard is to speak truth to power. In light of the behavior of some individuals in the SCA and their issues with being taken to task for their behavior, I decided to write this song as a message and reminder.

Follow Me

I decided to write a marching song in the Key of War (also called the Key of Army).  The song is about any battle anywhere.


Hold Fast

I wrote this sea shanty during the Covid plague in 2020 as a response to people who felt that the SCA might grow apart or die if we didn’t have in-person events quickly.  We are stronger than that.  Hold Fast is a nautical term referring to holding tight to lines and rigging and riding out the storm.


The Path

This song is a conversation between a student and a peer about the journey that one undertakes to become a peer.



Ravensong is the result of a friendly dare by my dear friend and fellow bard, Lady Nezhka Orshinaia from the Barony of Raven’s Cove in Atlanta.  I wrote this to give her some well deserved word-fame as well as support on her bardic path.


Rise, Phoenix Rise

My wife and I were recently made honorary members of the Barony of the Sacred Stone.  They are wonderful people and I decided they needed an anthem, so I wrote them one.


Road to Santiago

The Road to Santiago, also known as the Path of Saint James, is about one of the most famous pilgrimages in Christendom.  It can take months to travel and ends at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.  This song imagines a simple man making the journey.


Zoom Bardic Circle Blues

Seriosly?  You need a description?


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