Ciaran’s Diversions in Brewing

In addition to doing musical things, I’ve been told I’m a fairly decent brewer.  I brew beers, ciders, and the occasional mead.  Generally, I’m not patient enough for mead as they can take a year or more to mature.  Here you can find updates on current brewing projects, recipes, resources, etc.


Royal Brewer – March 2020 
I entered the Atlantian Royal Brewer competition at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival (KASF).  My entries were an English Dry Cider and a Bochet.  The competition was very tight – the numerical scores only separated us by a few points.  In addition to the numerical score, the ultimate decision belongs to their Majesties. I was very very fortunate to be named the new Atlantian Royal Brewer for the next year!!

Busy Busy – February 2020 
Things have been busy on the brewing front the past few months.  In November, I hosted a brew day at my house during which I brewed a bochet.  The Atlantian Brewers Guild had a meeting to discuss upcoming events.  I’ve also refined the recipe for the MockBock doppelbock – it was very well received at Ymir!

Potables for WoW – September 2019
I have several brews that I’m taking to War of the Wings.  A Wee Heavy, a Scottish Ale, the MockBock, and an apple cider.  I hope they are well received.

I decided to brew a nice doppelbock to take to War of the Wings, but, there is a slight problem.  A doppelbock is a style of bock, which is a type of lager.   I don’t have the equipment (or the patience) to make a lager, so…  I decided to make a doppelbock as an ale – hence, MockBock was born!

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