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Dots and Lines and Stuff:  Learn to Read Music in an Hour

Have you ever wanted to read music?  This class will take you through the basics of reading music in an hour.

While there is no way to cover everything about reading music in an hour, my goal is for you to leave with enough of an understanding that you can continue your education. By the end of the class, you will be able to name the notes, and clap/hum a simple tune from its music.

This class has been taught at Atlantian University and Pennsic.

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Learn to Read Music: Beyond the Basics

This class is the sequel to Dots and Lines and Stuff: Learn to Read Music in an Hour.

In this class,  you will learn about bass clef, sharps, flats, key signatures, and compound time.

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Take Note: A History of Western Musical Notation

Music is this ephemeral thing that vanishes upon performance.  In order to preserve it, we need a language and a way to write it down.

In this class, we will walk through a history of musical notation with stops in Ancient Egypt, Greece, and then through Western Europe up to the late 1600s.

This class has been taught at Atlantian University and Pennsic.

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The History of the Guitar

Where did the guitar come from and how did it evolve?  This class will walk through the history of the guitar from the beginning. 

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