Adrian Le Roy Transcriptions – Book 1

Adrian Le Roy, born in the early 1500s in Montreuil-sur-Mer, France was a musician and music publisher. In 1551, Le Roy and his cousin Robert Ballard received a royal privilege from Henry II to print music.  Le Roy is the author of several books of music for the lute and 4 course renaissance guitar.  

I am working on transcribing his first book, Premier Livre de Tabulature de Guiterre.  Each transcription includes an image of the original tablature from the book, a PDF in modern notation, a MuseScore file for use with the MuseScore scoring software, and an mp3.  The mp3 files are computer generated midi – they are not live performance.

Il Cherche Autant Amour

A piece credited to Boyvin, from folio 7 in La Roy’s first guitar book.

Original (JPG) PDF | MuseScore | mp3

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